OVI Lawyer in Brunswick Ohio

An OVI conviction is very serious. Perhaps even life-changing.

Under Ohio law, OVI offenses (also called DUI offenses) can have serious consequences. Conviction of OVI can result in costly penalties, jail time, professional difficulties, license suspension, and several other punitive actions.

If you are facing charges this serious, you need a serious attorney who can fight for your rights in court.

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Why You Need an OVI / DUI Lawyer in Brunswick Ohio

In Ohio, an individual convicted of OVI may face any or all of the following direct consequences:

  • Jail Time
  • Fines & Court Fees
  • Total or Partial Suspension of Drivers License
  • Restricted License Plates
  • Probation
  • Treatment as Ordered by the Court

In addition to these consequences, convicted OVI / DUI offenders often face difficulty securing employment, maintaining existing employment, and maintaining or obtaining professional licenses.

With the potential for such heavy consequences, no one should face an OVI charge without the help of an experienced DUI lawyer.

Cameron B. Pedro Will Protect Your Rights in Court

Everyone charged with an OVI offense is entitled to defend themselves against the charges. There are several methods to do this. Depending on your particular case, challenges to the charges may be made on constitutional grounds. In other instances, a technical defense may also be made based on breathalyzer margins of error, chain of custody, or similar. In other instances still, factual disputes may be appropriate to challenge the prosecution.

In the role of legal counsel, Cameron B. Pedro OVI / DUI Lawyer Brunswick Ohio, will help you navigate the legal process, ensure that you make informed decision, and represent you in court or in negotiation of a plea agreement. With a tested and trusted OVI / DUI lawyer by your side, you can achieve a resolution to the charges against you and be in the best possible position to protect your future.

Cameron B. Pedro – OVI / DUI Lawyer Brunswick Ohio
If you were charged with OVI in Brunswick or elsewhere in Ohio, you need an experienced lawyer to fight for your rights. Call Cameron B. Pedro OVI / DUI Lawyer Brunswick Ohio to represent you.

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