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If you have a child support issue, experienced child support attorney, Cameron Pedro, and his legal team can help you make sure the child support award is appropriate.

A child, not a parent, has a fundamental right to receive child support.

Child support is typically based on a state guideline or formula that factors in both parents’ incomes and the amount of time each parent spends with the child. This support covers costs for basic needs, medical care, childcare, educational expenses, transportation and travel, entertainment, and extracurricular activities.

Boy measuring his height. Hire a child support lawyer in medina for child support that is appropriate as your child grows.

Filing for Child Support

Child support attorney, Cameron B. Pedro, and his legal team can help parents with child support issues, including establishing, enforcing, and changing child support payments. Once a child support amount is ordered, a parent must continue paying it unless and until a court issues another child support order changing the amount.

Child support modifications usually require a court hearing in front of a judge. Your child support attorney can help you prepare for the hearing, gather important evidence, and present your case to the court.

Calculating and Modifying Child Support

Ohio’s state child support guidelines help parents and judges figure out child support by plugging in each parent’s income numbers into a child support calculator. However, in some cases, the guideline child support amount isn’t appropriate. If you need to deviate from the guideline child support amount, child support attorney, Cameron B. Pedro, can help you prove to a judge why you need to decrease or increase your child support award.

A father with his son after fighting for an appropriate child support amount with his child support attorney.

Do You Need a Child Support Attorney?

The majority of the time, hiring a child support attorney is a good idea for your child support case even if you are not required to do so. Legal assistance can be helpful when you and your spouse cannot agree on the child support terms to follow.

It’s essential to hire the right child support attorney to help avoid getting wrapped up in the emotional aspects of the situation. Child support law offers many solutions for parents, and hiring a child support attorney will ensure that you are making the right choice for your children and for yourself.

Child Support Attorney Helping Enforce Court Ordered Child Support

If your ex-spouse refuses to pay child support, a child support attorney can ensure that your child support arrangements are formalized in court. After the Order is signed and filed, the other party is considered in contempt of the Order if they continue to evade their child support obligations.

Maintenance Enforcement Program (“MEP”) can also garnish wages or suspend a non-player’s license directly from their paychecks if the court order is registered with them.

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5 reason to hire a child support or child custody lawyer in medina ohio.

There are many solutions in child support law and hiring a child support attorney will ensure that you are making the right choices for the benefit of you and your children.

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