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Family issues can be difficult, Medina family law attorney, Cameron Pedro, can provide the legal counsel you need. Divorce, child custody disputes, or domestic abuse are stressful situations that can be legally complex. If you or your family find yourself in trying times, you need a trusted attorney to ease your burden and help you make the right moves for your future. As a Medina family law attorney, Cameron B. Pedro has helped countless families through their toughest times. He is committed to fighting for his clients while minimizing the stress of emotionally difficult legal proceedings.

Family Law Attorney


When one or both spouses decide to end a marriage, an experienced family law lawyer is essential. Even in amicable circumstances, separating the personal and financial affairs of spouses can be complicated. When divorces become combative, they can be even more difficult. Cameron B. Pedro is a top lawyer in Medina, Ohio who works diligently for divorcing clients to minimize stress, expedite the divorce timeline, and fight for a fair divorce or dissolution. By having experienced counsel working on the division of assets and spousal support calculations, individuals can rest easy and focus on transitioning to the next stage of their lives.

Child Support, Custody, and Visitation

Protecting a child’s wellbeing or one’s own parental rights frequently requires the help of a family law attorney. Whether you are owed child support or are seeking/disputing custody or visitation rights, only an experienced attorney can provide the legal insight necessary to protect your family. As a Medina family lawyer, Cameron B. Pedro has helped Ohio parents and children achieve the best results in their particular situations. As a parent, you and your child deserve an attorney who can protect your rights in court.

Domestic Abuse and Civil Protection Orders

Domestic abuse is never acceptable. If you or someone in your family has been abused, or you fear abuse is imminent, contact your local police department or an attorney. In domestic abuse situations, a family law attorney can help you safely escape a dangerous situation. This may include assistance with obtaining protection orders to prevent future contact, seeking direct compensation for injuries and abuse, and any other remedy available under the law.

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